Sunday, May 10, 2009

beetroot heaven

those of you who dine with us regularly may have realised that we like to put beetroot on the menu. well this menu has hit the jackpot with our casumziei, the beetroot and ricotta ravioli, a venetian dish, that has been the star of the current menu. this is the recipe. some beetroot, preferably roasted and peeled, some ricotta, we use our vegan ricotta and you can get the recipe for that from a blog for mr presley i think, lemon juice, salt and pepper. put the beetroot and ricotta in a food processor and process until roughly smooth, season with the other ingredients.

Pasta dough: wash out bowl of food processor, put in some plain flour, add a little oil and then, with the motor on full and the blade in, add water slowly until breadcrumbs form then continue to process. the dough should come together easily but should not be sticky. roll out on a pasta machine or with a rolling pin, we go to the second thinest and then stretch.

fill the pasta with the beetroot mix to make small ravioli.

the sauce: take butter a place in a saucepan, heat and melt and cook until it foams and starts to go brown. add poppy seeds and drizzle over the pasta.

for those who really like beetroot, it's on the next menu as our salad, with fennel, orange, walnuts and a pinenut remoulade (possibly)

off to stuff some mushrooms for dinner

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