Thursday, May 28, 2009

tin drums and burnt legs

couple of days in a caravan and i'm knackered. day two, beautiful sunshine, the golden sands of broadhaven, picnic in the dunes, sand sculptures with the kids, sound idyllic. problem was some idiot, whilst applying sun cream to head and face, forgot the legs. well they're not likely to burn are they? too bloody right they are, irregularly as usual and the result, poor night's sleep.

the following night, well the storm came. god hammering with his drumsticks all night, i'm up at seven watching telly, then that blows and i'm all alone. somehow everyone else is still sleeping. the kids troop in about 9, so then breakfast and out, only to be told that we can't do what we want, swim in a pool, because everyone else in west wales is trying to do the same. luckily nobody was stupid enough to go crabbing, too cold, so we managed to do that, hauling crab after crab out of the water to confuse the dogs.

actually that was kind of idyllic i suppose. still bloody tired though. i'm now going to vote for us on the vegsoc website. should have done that before probably. recipes to follow soon. current menu is pretty good i think.



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