Wednesday, May 20, 2009

phone-ins and brain-outs

today has been as bad as it gets. i did the jason mohammed phone-in on radio wales (i'm sure the bloody webmaster will make it available to everyone) and my head been elsewhere ever since. the phone-in was a jon stewart "shit that's never going to happen" segment about whether people would become vegetarian or not. i went on, ostensibly to say that it didn't really matter what people did but i was wearing headphones and got the impression that i didn't know what i was talking about. i certainly found it hard to follow anything that i, or anyone else, was saying.

so armed with the knowledge that i was going on, i forgot to put veg oil in the base cakes for the parfait; result two wasted cakes that i'll try and foist on the kids. i also forgot about the vegan profiteroles that i was making and burnt the first lot. the second lot were like flat yorkshire puddings so i gave up. i also discovered that if you want to make coeliac profiteroles DO NOT use a coeliac flour mix as they will usually have some gum or other in them. when this hits the boiling water and butter we get a sticky, gummy mess. hurrah, i can feel a headache coming on. so i've re-made the whole lot from fresh.

i've come up with a profiterole/cupcake recipe that i like. it's basically a less sweetened cupcake recipe, made in those little wrappers that you use that i can't remember the name of because my head is about to explode. i bloody hate phone-in programmes. this is the recipe i used. i shall be halving and doing a little scoop to get the creme patissiere in.

3 and half oz SR flour
1teaspoon Baking powder
1 oz sugar
50ml veg oil
150 ml soy milk
1and half teaspoons orgran no egg
a touch of salt

blitz no egg, milk and oil together until thickened then add to other ingredients. spoon into wrapper things and cook at 180 until slightly brown and risen.

they look good, hopefully they will be enjoyed.


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  1. I've got rather carried away visiting the website again! I seem to do this each time I visit.

    Tell your webmaster he has nothing to worry about. Your blogs are very amusing, interesting and entertaining Wayne, and I particularly like the range of topics covered.

    The website is delightful, which explains why I get so carried away when I visit each time. I've posted it to my facebook page ... and I can't wait to visit.

    All the best,

    Diane Folan

    Btw, having some experience of drilling myself (and having made very similar mistakes) you'll find that if you put a piece of masking tape on the wall next time, the drill won't slip. You can take it off afterwards : ))