Sunday, April 25, 2010

putting up some blinds

this weekend was quite busy so it was with great relief that i awoke this morning knowing that i had agreed to put up two sets of blinds. we've recently had the house re-modeled, resulting in a new bedroom for my daughter and blind-less windows in our bedroom. my lack of love for light resulted in the temporary measure of bin bags sellotaped to the window. i could have happily made the arrangement permanent but my wife could not, as evidenced by the blinds that she bought and the instructions to fit them that she left me with this weekend. so, sweating after an hour of five-a-side, i gave in and put them up.

the first pair went up pretty easily, save for the incomprehensible instructions that only made sense after several minutes of fumbling with bits of metal caused two of then to stick together. after carefully undoing them, making sure that i could re-trace my steps, i could understand the instructions. they flew up. the nice thing was that they could be screwed into the plastic around the window, so no nasty drilling. the second pair could not, so

down the stairs, get drill

down the stairs again to get vacuum cleaner

unto the bathroom to get the extension lead because i watched iron chef in the bath yesterday

plug in the vacuum cleaner and the extension lead

i've lost my chuck key for the drill so hand tighten the drill bit in place

mark out where the holes need to go with my pencil

get in position, drill in one hand, vacuum in the other, ready to collect the dust as i'm drilling (good tip)

forgot to turn on vacuum

get off chair and switch it on, no luck as i've not turned on switches at the wall.

turn on switches at the wall

back up ready to go, vacuum ready and whirring, press drill trigger(?). nothing

look down and see that it's not plugged in to the extension cable,

hold drill in down and bit falls out. bastard.

put bit in tighter and pug in. tighten again by taking the skin off my inner hand.

drill holes in correct place but looks like they may be a bit big for the supplied plugs. (good tip, get someone else to hold vacuum, otherwise the drill slips)

go downstairs to find some others and can only find one. could get away with it.

can't get away with it. screw has gone in, in the larger of the two holes with my plasplug but the supplied plug has now become a permanent fixture in the house, living, as it does, somewhere inside the cavity. double bastard.

back downstairs to search for another plug is in vain, however i do find some double-massive ones.

back upstairs to indulge in wiggle drilling as i don't have a bigger bit and my hand is really starting to smart.

first attempt is not a success. drop the plug. git.

more wiggling and success. plug is in. blinds are up and i'm off for a fag.

sorry, no food today. recipes will follow.

happy drilling