Saturday, February 28, 2009

vegan black pudding

such a success i'm putting the recipe up on the web. you may want to toy with the spicing, i know i was a little heavy handed with the cloves.

you will need beetroot, 3 large, juiced with the pulp reserved.

200g quinoa cooked.

100g chinese forbidden black rice, cooked.

100g (maybe more) potato starch

3tsp agar agar powder (buy from thai stores on line, it's cheaper)

spices (cloves, mace, nutmeg, cayenne, pepper, herbs as well)

finely chop an onion and sweat in olive oil. add the beetroot pulp. add the juice to the quinoa and then add to the onion mix. add the black rice, the spices, the starch and the agar agar. cook over a low heat for 5 minutes. allow to cool then take handfulls and place onto clingfilm, shape into sausages and tie off the ends. this need to be waterproof. take the sausages and poach in slowly bubbling water for twenty minutes.

allow to cool and set.

to use, unmould and cut into slices. fry in oil and add to anything. it's nice in fabada but as an alternative try a recipe by paul heathcote.

make some mash and add a little flour and parsley. shape around the black pudding and fry as a potato cake. seve on some sauteed spinach and top with a poached egg.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

has it really been that long

i see that my last blog was december 7, very lazy. i don't know if i told you but my son dropped our laptop so now i have to rely on sleepless nights to get to the blog. otherwise it's just too damn tempting to sit on my fat one and watch the telly. anyway the kids will be up soon so i'd better make it quick. i'm off skiing on friday so i won't be seeing anyone after thursday but do enjoy this menu, it has recieved excellent feedback so far. the best dish, in my opinion, is the pannacotta and this is the recipe.

one tin (400ml) of coconut milk
100 ml soya milk
100 ml cardamom syrup (you can either use sugar and dissolve or sub agave nectar)
1 tsp ground cardamom powder
1 sachet vegegel (available from all bad supermarkets)

whisk/blitz everything together in a pan (stove) or jug (microwave) and heat. whisk regularly to ensure the vegegel is properly incorporated. make sure that you heat it to boiling point (ish).

once you're happy the mixture is hot enough add 100ml (ish) of soya yoghurt and mix thoroughly. pour mix into ramekins allow to set and enjoy with kiwi and lime salsa (kiwi, lime segments and a lime and chilli sugar syrup, you could just add sugar)

it is my belief that this recipe is just about perfect. the vegegel instructions say that you should use a pint of liquid but if you do that you'll be able to bounce the pannacotta off the walls. (apologies to everyone who had one of the very first batch, sometimes there is a first-mover disadvantage)

our pannacotta is now very creamy and chi-chi ling (gordon ramsey's just desserts, very good book) which means softly set. now yours should be too.