Monday, September 22, 2008

bad heads and ballyhoo

this morning i woke with a bad head, ryder cup blues. watched the golf with some mates, shared a bottle of my favourite wine, 1995 dead arm, and smoked a little too much. the wine was certainly worth the wait but the golf was not. the added problem is that i have to run this morning, 5 miles today, and i'm putting it off for as long as i can.

i was asked for a daytime recipe last week, our sweet potato soup, so here it is.

sweat off onion and celery base in veg oil. add in diced sweet potato, cover and sweat, checking it's not sticking, for ten minutes. add lime juice and chilli and stock. we also add some agave nectar but at home i have added honey instead. do not over-stock or over-lime the mix as these can be added later. once the sweet potato in tender, blitz. check seasoning. if you want add some coconut milk to make it thai-style.

i think this will be the soup this menu.

sometimes a bad head is not so bad.