Sunday, May 17, 2009

oh my, i appear to be drunk.

a lovely sunday was had by all. the weekend, as i've alluded, was a little anti-climactic (correct spelling) but i do enjoy a sunday luch out. it's especially nice when people cook and mrs D did an excellent job, from salads to stuffed mushrooms. i'm afraid i drank a little too much red wine, played football and  a little rugby with the children, and now i'm sporting a bad head. i wonder if i can right it with south park and snoozing this evening.

we've been cogitating about the last main on the next menu and i think we're going to steal an idea from the millenium, san francisco, and do some stuffed chickpea flour pancakes, stuffed with chickpeas. i'm going to try and re-create a ratatouille i had at rich day's wedding several years ago, one that i've failed to approximate every time i've tried it since. funny thing is, i think that this headache may be a a good attempt at re-creating the hangover from said wedding. i'll let you know if i remember, but i probably won't.

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