Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what lovely people

last night we went to clwb ifor bach for a night of live music. i'd heard the flashguns on lastfm, saw that they were supporting an act called hockey in cardiff and thought 'well for 7 pound, what could be better?'

so kate and i went in, saw the flashguns, very good, a little funny when the keyboard player/percussionist nearly knocked his keyboard off the stand, then decide to stay for the main act.
hockey were very good, from portland i think and in wales for the first time. at the end of their set the lead singer announced that they would come back on if they could remember any more of their songs (very laid-back these west coast dudes, actually the hair on the bass player looked exactly like that of my old friend ashley piggins, kind of starsky in extremis) but that they had put some cash behind the bar so that everyone could stay and have a drink and a chat. i nearly fell over so we stayed, i had a guiness, very bad vegetarian me, and we had a chat with the drummer, who came complete with super-cool moustache and was a very nice person.

put me in such a good mood today that i made some beefy seitan and had a crack at the chocolate and cherry base for our white chocolate parfait that is to appear on our next menu. as donkey said, everybody loves parfait.

so a big thank you to hockey, long may they continue to play.

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