Friday, May 29, 2009


we try to make the menu as inclusive as possible but sometimes you have to draw the line, or it gets drawn for you. this menu, a headache, has illustrated this point. profiteroles, regardless of what the internet will tell you, are a lost cause. it is impossible to replace the egg in this mixture and i've tried just about every possible way. to that end i've removed the vegan option from the menu, it was simply not up to the standard that we expect.

the same could have been said of the parfait, especially my first attempt. the reason was my own stupid idea that i can do anything as well as those manufacturers who have built businesses on their soy cream. the truth is that i'm wrong, as i often am and so i changed the recipe yesterday and very much like the toffee sauce, toffee pudding, i couldn't tell the difference. this is the recipe

1 box of soy whipping cream, whipped to firm peaks
1 small box of soy custard, or make your own
some vanilla sugar or 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
300 ml soy milk, heated to boiling point
vegan white chocolate chips (these are hard to find. we got ours from the states although i now have a supply of cocoa butter so i can make my own)

melt the chips in the hot soy milk, blending well. mix with the custard, then pour into the whipped cream and fold in.

pour the mix into a loaf pan lined with cling film and freeze. cut with a warm knife to serve.

recipe for vegan cherry chocolate cake to follow.



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