Tuesday, May 19, 2009

drink puppy drink

this is a reference to a song that was popular amongst troops in the 19th century. it is featured in the brilliant flashman novels by george macdonald fraser, a series of books that i would recommend to anyone interested in military history or caddish behaviour. i would also recommend that you sample our new wine and beer. for coeliacs we have added a gluten free ale and gluten free lager from hambleton brewery. this is another step in our desire to have the restaurant as inclusive as possible.  we had also been asked by several of our customers to upgrade the wine list and, because many of our wines had been discontinued, we took the opportunity to do so last week. Now, in addition to our staple house wines, you can enjoy a beautiful white  from italy, a falanghina, as well a chablis premier cru. both are suitable for vegans and are very good value, although more expensive than our other wines.

on the red side we have a very good chilean shiraz, not bank-breaking at 17.95 and if you really want to push the boat out, a saint-emilion grand cru at 25.95 is our most expensive wine.

congrats must go to the webmaster who finds pictures to add to my missives. i shall have to think up ever more ridiculous titles.



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