Thursday, April 30, 2009


time is a cruel mistress, or maybe it's just the drink and drugs, but my memory isn't what it was. i have to put the recipe for our shortbread on here because if i don't i'm going to lose it and then forget it. it's on a piece of paper by the phone and i've been meaning to put it on something more substantial but somehow i don't have the energy. my life is littered with things that i was going to do but fortunately litter has a tendency to blow away, so reminders are few. so to the recipe, it is delicious and works well with butter and gluten free flour.

6.5 oz flour
4.5 oz hazelnuts, ground, not too fine
6oz vegan marg, we use pure soy stuff
4 oz caster sugar
0.25 teaspoon salt.

put into a food processor and process/pulse until it forms a dough. roll out and cut into any shape you want. bake at 180 until just browning and still slightly soft to the touch, it will harden after.

very addictive



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