Tuesday, April 14, 2009

official secrets act and vegan forum

i've made the point here before that, as far as popular music was concerned, i hibernated for the period 1991-2007. the restaurant and its need for music has re-awakened my interest in new bands. the online radio, last fm, has proved vital in this quest because it allows you to edit out all the crap. (i could never listen to radio 1 (any show) in 1981 so to do so now would probably lead to my cutting out my eardrums with a veg peeler) So it was with a degree of excitement and a massive limp that i went to see official secrets act at Barfly last night. the support act, oui merci, were good, the second act instantly forgettable (sorry) but the headliners were excellent. they had been likened to early orange juice but, as with all music, teh sound was so much more intense than it was in 1981. anyway i bought the album so they'll be on the playlist this weekend. the main down about the gig was the seemingly unchanging fact that cardiff is a really bad place to see a band. of the 40 or so who turned up at leasty half the audience were more interested in pissing around than listening to the music. hey ho, we enjoyed it though.

on a different note, we've joined a vegan recipe forum hosted by renowned vegan chef bryanna clark grogan. anyone interested in vegan cookery should try this out as, ourselves excepted, the contributors are likely to be among the best vegan cooks on the planet.

cheers and too many beers (last night)


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