Sunday, April 12, 2009

bad legs, birthdays and girls on buses

many years ago, i was a mere slip of a lad, i was on a bus from bridgend to llanharry. we stopped in pencoed and there was a very attractive girl standing (hanging around) by the bus stop, we exchanged glances over a few seconds and she waved. i never waved back and there was a simple reason why. there was a question in my head that i have never quite managed to throw off, was she being sincere or was i the subject of some elaborate joke of which i could never be part. maybe she is wondering why that boy never waved back. i share this with you because i have the same feelings of insecurity about our food. i must apologise to all of you who i have quizzed about the food over the last eighteen months, whose nights i must have ruined by my incessant questioning. i am not looking for applause but i am genuinely concerned that people do not have a good time when they come to the restaurant. every menu this seems to get worse, my current 'most anxious' dish is the ashak, so if you rather not speak order something else. it is also my birthday today and i got kicked in five-a-side. i'm now feeling very sorry for myself because my right calf is now tighter than a snare happywayne

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