Tuesday, March 31, 2009


the nice thing about being your own boss is that you can contradict yourself and no-one is going to come down on you like 1016 kilograms of bricks, give or take a few grams. the truth of the matter is that i'm all gnocchied out. they are terrors to make, take up about 20% of my time on this menu and i'm not sure that the overall dish is worth it. it is a nice dish and it looks stunning but ... So i'm going to contradict the last blog, please still vote for us (category best unregistered restaurant, i'm a little too lazy to sort out the registration, i'll do it this year for certain), and the menu is to finish at the appointed time. i'm a big fan of the laksa which will definitely return and we'll be keeping it to a degree by having a thai green curry on the next menu, there will also be an afghan dish, ashak, and maybe an aubergine charlotte a la imam bayeldi. there is likely to be a lot of rice, so sorry to those who dislike rice. there will be a gnocchi of sorts, a nettle and wild garlic malfatti, and tru to my word there will be no soup. (unless he changes his mind again, ed.)

recipes for the current menu to follow soon, in the meantime here is the gnocchi. the recipe is inexact to the point of ridiculousness because it all depends how watery your potato is. we use maris piper which are lovely and dry.

start with mashed potato and add beetroot puree. because ours are vegan i add a teaspoon of no egg, potato starch (1T) and tapioca starch (1T) (for coeliacs i up this and don't add plain flour) and plain flour. mix in the bowl with a fork, pressing the fork through the mix to incorporate the flour mix into the beet/potato mix. you should find that it goes to a slightly tacky breadcrumb consistency. once that is achieved, on a floured surface, roll the gnocchi into sausages, cut and flour again and indent on a fork or just indent with your thumb and index finger.

allow to cool in the fridge for an hour then poach. once they rise they can be eaten but i prefer to allow them to cool again and then fry gently in oil or butter. i'm aware that a recipe with no measurements is idiotic but i've followed recipes for gnocchi that have simply been awful. if you'd really like get in touch and the next time they are (in an earlier version i wrote their and i have been beating myself for an hour) on i'll show you how. i'm afraid that alot of it is in the touch.



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