Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It has been many days since the last transmission. Some good news on the web front, the webmaster has granted me access to the web site and I will now be ensuring that the menus are changed at the correct time. The bad news is that my technophobia is likely to result in a catastrophic accident that will endanger the whole thing, swings and roundabouts.

This year we appear to be missing all the name days; burns’ night was on a Sunday, St paddy’s day is today I think, so I’m not naming this menu. Whereas last year we had stout and stuff, this year there is nothing irish, maybe I’m being cautious because of the rugby on Saturday. That said, we’re not taking bookings until 7-15 on Saturday because we’ll be watching the game. (question to all the English o level (GCSE for the young) passers, was that a non-sequitor (is that spelt (spelled?) correctly?)?)

Anyway enough drivel. The last menu was quite a good one, the pancakes, more later, were well-received and the duck rolls as popular as ever. You still refuse to eat our soups even though they are easily the best in Cardiff (yours excepted). This menu we’ve got a play on carrot and coriander without the carrot, it’s sweet potato instead. It is delicious, I will advise you to try it and you may not. This will be the last soup for a while. With the advent of spring and all things delicious we will be offering an interesting salad on each menu, in addition to our usual ravioli etc. I’ll be stealing a lot of these from the millennium restaurant in san Francisco. On the subject of theft, two of the dishes on the current menu were inspired by my reading the ‘cook vegetarian’ magazine and lifting two of simon rimmer’s recipes. Mr rimmer was also responsible, in part, for the duck rolls on the last menu and the chilli pancakes from a long time ago. We’ve taken the beetroot gnocchi and the laksa this time. The recipes are of course our own because although he owns a veggie restaurant (greens in Manchester, I’ve eaten and it’s good but expensive) he doesn’t do too many vegan dishes; ours usually are.

The menu in full is

Sweet Potato and coriander soup (v, co)
Potato and mint ravioli with red pepper sauce (v, co)
Mexican Torte with avocado salsa (v)

Main Course (£8.95)
Vegetable, Mushroom and Tofu Laksa (v, co)
Chicken Laksa (co)
Beetroot Gnocchi with smoked almond and parsley pesto and green olive tapenade (vo, co)
Wild garlic risotto with marinated artichokes(c, vo)

Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and ice cream (v, co)
Rhubarb Napoleon with vanilla cream (vo)
White Chocolate cheesecake with warm berries (vo, co)

There is plenty of wild garlic around and it is delicious and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t make you stink of garlic. You ignored he soup last time so this time it’s in the risotto. We had some for lunch on Monday and it was stunning, leanne’s favourite, although that is usually whatever risotto is current.

For the first time I shall be making a vegan cheesecake with the white chocolate I had imported from the US. I tasted the chips yesterday and they are lacking a little sugar, so I’ll sweeten them and add to silken tofu, some cream scheese and vegan cream. Fingers crossed.

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