Monday, November 30, 2009

oops, i forgot the recipes

i was so busy on sunday that when i wrote the newsletter i forgot to put any recipes in. i shall make up for that omission by doing a quick one now, before university challenge starts. many people (2) said that the chocolate and orange cheesecake that we did on the weekend was the best that they had ever eaten. two people doesn't sound too much but only about 5 went out. this is a two-in-one because i'll give vegan and non-vegan.

200g (dairy-free) 70% chocolate
200ml creme fraiche (200ml soy milk)
400g cream cheese (i use quark because it is virtually fat-free and i care about you all, i really do) (1 pack of silken tofu)
1.5 oranges, juiced and zest grated.
100g sugar
2 large eggs (omit from vegan)

use the juice and the sugar to make an orange syrup in the microwave by heating and stirring.

heat the creme fraiche(soy milk) and use this to melt the chocolate. add the other ingredients and whisk together (i'm lazy and use a hand blender and spatula to scrape the sides). tap the bowl to get rid of air bubbles if you can be bothered, they don't bother me too much.

my base was gluten free cornflakes, sugar and butter (soy marg).

heat oven to 180c and cook the base. take out and allow to cool. drop oven temp to 145C. once the base is cool, pour in cheesecake mix and cook in a bain marie. (you should have used a springform pan up until now, i forgot to say) once there is only a very slight wobble left in the middle, remove and allow to cool. refrigerate until needed.

i've missed the first ten minutes so i'm going to get the rest.



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  1. Yay, bet Leanne was please, Lemon and Ginger next?! :-)