Tuesday, December 1, 2009

more recipes lest i forget

kate's kicked me off the tv in the middle of iron chef so i decided to put some more of the last menu's recipes up. the first is for the dal, which was rather magnificent.

before we start you will need to consult this website for the spice mix recipes.


this is a great website.

for the dal you'll need bizar a shuwa and a berbere spice mix.

fry onion, ginger and garlic until nicely cooked. add spices and fry. you'll need a couple of teaspoons of each per 200g or so of lentils. ass lentils and veg stock and cook for ages.

id you use red lentils the cooking time is very short, my prederende is for the yellow lentils that resemble split peas and whose name i've forgotten. we soak these overnight, then add at the cooking stage, after they have been rinsed. keep checking the liquid content as the dal can dry out quickly.

injera pancakes: not the real recipe, for that search online, but a cheats version that suits restaurant cooking.

flour mix of 2 parts teff flour (v expensive) 1 part each of buckwheat and doves farm plain four mix.

add to the flour mix some salt and pepper and then add soda water to make a thickish batter, about twice the thickness of a crepe batter. the soda water will help the pancake rise a little but the effect falls over time so half way through add some baking powder as well.

using a good non-stick pan and an olive oil spray with soy lecithin (this increases the non-stickiness) make the pancakes. you don't have to turn them over, just wait for the top to dry out, but i always give them a quick flip.

berbere spiced onion jam: sliced onions (2 or 3 depending on size), rice wine vinegar, sugar and berbere spice mix. combine, bring to the boil and simmer until jammy. check the balance of the vinegar-sugar.

11.12 time for bed.

more tomorrow



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