Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 out of 5 ain't good and souffle falls flat

one week in to the christmas menu and it has been decided that this will be the last menu of this type that we do. we decided exactly the same thing last year, then forgot how hard it was to prepare and reneged on that decision. there will be no reneging next year. why?

well the work is one thing but more importantly i think this cooking is more hit and miss than our usual fare. it's a nice meal but resembles school food, albeit with much more taste. a regular customer, whom i shall call alex, liked three courses of the five shared at the table, was not keen on the pithivier and was unsure of the gougeres; the gougeres will do that to a person. the pithivier recipe is something that i'll be toying with this week, as well as the sauce. the star for me is the vegan potato and beetroot dish and most people do not taste that. the undoubted black hole has been the souffle and, with the exception of parties who have pre-ordered, we will be changing that for the final two weeks. of the 20 souffles that i have made, 2 have been served and i wasn't that happy with those. one we dropped as it came out of the oven which caused it to flatten early and the other was heavy on the pudding and light on egg white; the flavour was amazing. i don't like throwing things away at the worst of times but this hit rate is too low to justify the effort.

the other non-seller, though for different reasons, was the stir-fry and we had no time to do this. it's a shame because it's my favourite main of all but we've been under the cosh and another dish would probably have thrown us over the edge.

so check out the menu for the changes, i'll get it up in work tomorrow.



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