Friday, November 13, 2009

it's all in the spelling

last night was quite a night. we under-staffed and it got quite busy at one point. either my tastebuds were off or nothing really tasted as good as it had the week before. whether that was because of the slightly hectic pace, i couldn't say but the one dish that always hits the mark is the casumziei. i had a little discussion with a regular customer of ours who couldn't find it on the internet and said that i had made the name up. we have done that in the past but my imagination does not run as far as casumziei. the eplanation is alot simplar, sins the last menw i seme to hav forgoten how to spel, it is casumziei, not cazumsiei as it appears on the online menu (i'm leaving it that way as a penance). It could be casunziei as well. do a search on these and also add batali, the chef that i first saw do this, and then do our recipe, the brown butter makes the dish ten times nicer. so back to school for me and let's get those other dishes just write for today, sorry that should have been wright, no rite.



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