Friday, November 27, 2009

not (quite) living up to dan's expectations

when dan comes in we know we're going to get a fair and balanced critique of the food on offer and last night was no exception. the meal was cazumsiei (spellcheck this for me), gnocchi and bread pudding. i'm afraid to say that it was not an unqualified success. the first and last course passed muster, and i'm pleased to say we had no mistletoe hanging, but the gnocchi did not ring the right bells. the question as to what was missing and what can be done is a simple application of Occam's Razor (look it up); salt. many's the time in the past when we have been hammered about seasoning (well not that many) but the way that i make gnocchi (and you'll be able to see that soon on our webcasts) is to roast the potatoes, mouli them and then turn them into a dough. i like them this way and love the potato taste but i guess that a little salt here and there would not go amiss. i shall endeavour to do better.



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