Monday, November 16, 2009

lazy days ahead and a vegan warning

with the exception being the christmas menu, which is beginning to take shape quite nicely, i'll be taking a few weeks (months) off from the creative process of sticking together menus. whilst we beg, borrow and steal some of the dishes, others do involve alot of hard head work. the gnocchi always kill me because it is very hard getting vegan gnocchi just right, not just mentally but physically as well because the dough takes some shifting and you can never be too sure that the end result is not going to be some gloopy mess or rubber. so, as i was lazing in my bath this morning, waching two episodes of 'everybody loves raymond' and looking through cookbooks by tamasin day-lewis, peter gordon, dennis cotter and paul gayler, i thought to myself, 'why not devote entire menus to the stuff that i really like in these books?' and so being lazy, that's what i'm planning to do.

after christmas we shall be visiting the pages of my favourite cookbooks and sampling the delights prepared, for the first time anyway, by other cooks. of course we'll be doing the dishes our way, it will not be a complete exerccise in plagiarism, but the credit shall be given where it is due.

vegan warning: bryanna clark grogan is removing the vegan feast newsletters from the web. you can access them for the moment, and can probably still join for $10 canadian. possibly one of the most inventive cooks around, always imaginative and thought-provoking. if you like vegan food, you should access the site whilst you have the chance.



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