Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vegan profiteroles

Possibly a gastronomic oxymoron, certainly, according to some web vegans, the holy grail of vegan cookery. It will be an interesting, if frustrating, road to travel. Attempt number one, resounding failure!

This was the recipe;

65g plain flour
40g veg shortening (trex)
150ml water
2t orgran egg replacer
1 1/2 flax eggs
dash of vinegar
2t icing sugar
1t bicarb

Proceeded as normal, stirring flour into water and fat mixture, then added other ingredients. Texture was okay but when added to the oven the mixture lacked structure and went a bit flat. It was a shame really because the taste was great. It could have been cut and filled but would not have looked the part. I'm going to experiment with different flours, raising agents and combinations. I like the flax eggs because they add some body, maybe I'll add less water next time. All comments welcome.

love and light



  1. Please excuse ignorance, but what is/are flax eggs? Have you had any further (more successful) experiences making Vegan pastries?

  2. Hi anonymous,

    I would guess flax eggs are basically the juice that's left over after having soaked Flax seeds in water for a few hours. It is the gooey, egg-like mixture.

    I could be wrong!



    they produce profiteroles, vegan. just thought youd like to know. =]