Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More experiments

I've just gone to the oven at home to check on profiteroles number three; they're looking pretty good. The biggest mistake I made previously was the non-stick mat I used, it was too thick and the choux failed to cook from the bottom as well as the top. Another example of Occam's Razor I suppose. Anyway I changed the recipe, have included some smash and omitted the flax eggs. At present their puffing up and starting to colour.

The next experiments relate to cheese or rather to no,t-cheese. I've been having a crack at vegan ricotta and vegan feta. This is because two recipes I want to do soon are courgette canneloni, where courgettes are marinated in lemon juice, salt and olive oil, then wrapped around ricotta, pine nuts and other nice stuff, and spanakopita. To do this vegan-style we need alternatives. The ricotta is made with silken tofu, cashew nuts, lemon juice, nutritional yeast (I used a little too much) and salt. mine is very tasty but a little too creamy, I like the slightly crumbly texture of ricotta and so may try firm tofu instead.

The feta is made with a similar list of ingredients but also with agar-agar to set it. It's in the fridge at the moment and we'll have to see how it sets up.

Just come back from the oven with a burnt hand, right on the mound of venus, and it really hurts. The profiteroles are just about done and the next change will be the amount of fat. Conventional recipes have too much I think.

I'm stopping now to re-douse my hand in cold water.

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