Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Success and failure

Some of you may be aware, I was once (still am?) a lecturer in Economics. On my lazy days I would under-prepare for a class, or series of classes. If it was a series of classes then I would generally get better after the first one or two, and students who turned up thereafter got a better deal. This was a very infrequent practice. Having been involved in the catering game for three months, I can see that parallels exist, although the improvement can be random. This weeks risotto was the case in point. Risotto is a twitchy animal to tame. If you do not cook it enough the rice has too much bite, tastes starchy, and for me, ruins the dish. If you cook it too long it can resemble rice pudding; tastes nice but it's hard to distinguish the grains. Cooked properly, the grains retain some bite but you lose the starchy edge. This weekend I think we got it right twice (Thursday and Saturday) and slightly overcooked it on Friday. I still think it was a good dish, and one well worth the price, but Friday's child this week reaped the least consumer surplus (that's the economics).

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