Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Triumph

You may think that this cooking lark is easy. I know I wasn't anywhere near prepared for what the job entails; long periods of boredom followed by intense hard work; long periods of frustration when things don't go as well as you think they might. What compensates for these downs are the ups when things do go well. At the moment I'm thinking about desserts. These are things I think we do pretty well. The eight treasure pudding may not have been to every one's taste but it certainly surprised me, pleasantly. We could aim safe, I know that my cheesecakes are as good as you'll find anywhere in Cardiff, but that would be boring and, as I said, there's enough boredom already. The solution, experiments. Now, as any scientist out there will know, experiments can go wrong. Our first attempts at vegan chocolate fudge cakes were not as good as our final attempts. The same was true of the cassoulet, but I'm supposed to be talking about desserts. What has got the juices flowing today are two desserts I've designed for the current menu that are both vegan and coeliac friendly. The first is the sticky toffee pudding, our mainstay dessert and as famous around Cardiff as we are (not very). I believe that I have created a version suitable for coeliacs, it is not the finished article yet but we will be offering a version from tomorrow night. The second dessert is the vegan chocolate torte. Who knows how a mix including soy milk, 74% chocolate, soy marg, agave nectar, silken tofu and others will turn out? All you can do is taste as you go and hope. It is in the fridge and it looks fab. We'll be taking some up to Chris and Ruth at the Hungry Planet for a tasting tomorrow. I'll let you know the results (if they like it).

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