Thursday, August 13, 2009

please don't be my enemy

i'm a big fan of the waterboys and like to play them whenever possible. i think that one of the best tracks on the "this is the sea" album is be my enemy and it appears that we have made one of our own. it had to happen sometime because one cannot walk in the world without ruffling someone's feathers.
at present we are being attacked online in the review sites. i can guess as to the reason why but i find stuff like this rather childish. what i particularly enjoyed was the fact that the food was revolting both times that 'veggiefreak' had been (this in addition to the long waits, poor service and arrogant/rude chef (look in the mirror, wayne, ed.)). i usually do not return if it was revolting the first time but i guess we must have showed some promise.
if you care to look, you will see that this review appears on (almost) every review site. let's hope it has the desired effect, i could do with a couple of quiet nights.cheerswayneps. i'm working up a load of recipes which i'll post up pretty soon.

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