Tuesday, September 6, 2011

taking the hits

today we are back at the restaurant to do our pre-autumn big clean. we get all the ovens shifted, cleaned, the back tiles done, hand and knees on the floor, scrubbing brush in hand, shelves to clear etc etc. so that we can start afresh for the autumn. the first few menus will be transitional, we'll be trying to use as much of the allotment produce that we can before we have to move to root based menus later in the year. i've not been up there too much but i've not received the letter asking me to pack my stuff yet so it can't be that bad.

i'll be struggling a little with the cleaning as i'm still suffering a little from the holiday. during the white water rafting we were offered the chance to float down the river on our backs for a couple of hundred metres. floating has never been one of my strong points and this was exposed quite starkly when about 30 metres in my coccyx was hit by the first of three rocks, bang, bang, bang. my offered cursing had no effect on the pain and i found sitting, but especially getting up, painful for the next few days. fortunately we didn't get our mountain bikes until the pain had subsided quite a bit, but every day after that the smashing of backside against, extremely small, seat lengthened my period of recovery.

add to that a slip off the pedal which brought the pedal smashing back into my shin and i've still a few aches and pains to get rid of before i can start my training proper for this year's half marathon.

those said the worst hit of the week was walking my son to school on his first day of comprehensive school. as we neared the school he said he was ready to walk alone, i said ok and before i had a chance to say goodbye he was gone. biggest hit.



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