Friday, September 2, 2011

nice surprises and not so nice ones

five days in to our activity holiday in the ski resort of les gets and, bizarrely, i bump in to one of our customers in a hot tub at the hotel at which our friends are staying. it's a small world, or so they say, but i've also bumped in to thousands of people that i've never met and who haven't been to the restaurant. so, very nice to meet you luke.

the food has been a curate's egg. a nice lentil dish on the first night followed by a disastrous leek crumble the following day. that said, it was to be a chickpea dijonaise but that was deemed to bad, i'm assuming and the leek thing had no leeks. tonight was a decent curry with heart attack soup to start.

off to do the quiz now and enjoy the rest of the holiday.



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