Sunday, September 4, 2011

the food ratings

i don't remember all of the food that we have eaten at the christiania but here are my ratings of what i did eat.

Lentil and kidney bean stew (7)

very tasty, nicely seasoned and a good start

Goat cheese salad with chilli jam (8)

very nice jam and goat cheese is a favourite of mine. only an 8 because it was starter and there was not enough salad. made the forgettable main better although i can't remember what it was.

Red pepper risotto (5)

rice a little undercooked but not as much as the vegetables. too dry.

Leek crumble (2)

the low point. we were to have chickpea dijonaisse but this sounded good. no leeks, no flavour and the crumble was baked baguette that was as inedible as the toast we served with the beetroot tartare, sorry about that by the way.

Chocolate tart (4)

my children loved it, so too sweet and pastry not good.

Fruit crumble (5)

the crumble was good but the fruit had little flavour, even though it had been poached.

Veg sausage and burger with fries (1) positional

this is a positional result because it was a meal after rafting. we came in last, the fries had been cooked in one go and by the time that we got to them there were more stuck to the tongs than in the bowl. a mess that could have been averted had the fries been cooked in batches. i'd rather wait than have soggy, greasy mashed potato.

Chocolate fondant (5)

decent attempt but no saucy middle and drowned in aggressive chocolate sauce. if you wqant to make these, cheat. take some of the sauce and freeze it in small portions. when you put your mix in ramekins, pop your cube in the middle and bake. guaranteed oozy centre.

Thai curry (5)

nice enough but lacked the thai element. buy some decent curry pastes in the UK and supplement with fresh coriander etc.

stuffed pepper with red cabbage and dauphinoise (6)

this is for the cabbage. the pepper wasn't far from raw and was only half a pepper anyway. possibly stuffed with the forgotten chickpeas and topped with cheese.

i'm looking forward to the new menu now. i feeel inspired to cook and eat.



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