Thursday, October 15, 2009

some acknowledgements

the problem with blogging is that, on our site, one small mistake on the blog page and i lose everything i've written and enter some game. after being bitten by this on more than one occasion i'm now doing it in wordpad and cutting and pasting.

today it's quite early and i'm watching scooby doo with the girls. i'm just going to make their breakfast and let them eat and watch, there's plenty of time before school. i have to give thanks to georges laurier, a canadian chef from the programme 'cook like a chef', the tofu burger was pretty much lifted from this show. one of the best successes, cooking-wise, was the scone because it was vegan. the cooking technique used an innovation that we first used when making our vegan blinis. that recipe was taken from 'veganomicon' although we had to adapt it to get the consistency we needed. what they did was curdle the soy milk and we did this for the scones. here's the recipe

8oz self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 oz soy marg
soy milk curdled with lemon juice
salt and pepper
chopped mixed fresh herbs

put all ingredients except the soy milk in a food processor with the cutting blade in and process until fat is incorporated. put into a bowl and add enough sot milk to get a slightly wet dough. tip onto a floured surface and spread. cut with a cutter and bake at two hundred until browned and risen. i think this would also make great sweet scones.

happy cooking

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