Tuesday, October 27, 2009

salmonella sandwich

one of my favourite lines in a song is by half man half biscuit and it something like this

i went to store to get myself a salmonella sandwich, when a man came up to me.
he said 'dear sir can i ask you a question, if music be the food of love, are you the indigestion? ooh yippee aye oo.

it's something like that anyway. so today i woke late. i'm making up for those restless nights and went off at about 10.30 and didn't wake until just before nine. now normally i get some muesli but i didn't have time as i was lecturing at 10-30. hopped in the car and thought that i'd treat myself to a veggie breakfast. problem was that when i said veggie sausages, motioning towards what i assumed them to be, i actually got chicken sausages. a small bite later and my suspicions were fully aroused, so now i'm waiting on the salmonella. in fairness a very nice lady did take my meal away as i lay crying on the floor and brought me another, sans chicken.

i'm currently waiting for my rice to cook so that i can cleanse myself with a green curry.

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  1. Oh no! I feel you pain hun. Hope you're well. X.