Monday, October 26, 2009

addendum to the food festival

by and large the demonstration went pretty well. i hadn't slept properly for a couple of nights and was pretty nervous at the start but frances donovan eased us in gently and then things went ok. that is until the wind kept blowing out the gas and the water would not boil. my plans of doing 7 or 8 of each type of ravioli were scuppered because instead of taking one and a hlaf minutes to cook, these were poached. the comments we got were very nice though and the silver lining was that we didn't have time to do the gnocchi. silver lining because i've just eaten the mix now, with the rest of the sage butter sauce and i can honestly say that they were amazing. so shame about the gas but hooray for my dinner. we're going to stay with this menu for two weeks more, so come and get them.



ps we're not open on thursday, we're all off to the smoke to find out who beat us to best veggie restaurant this year.

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