Thursday, September 24, 2009

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September 24 - October 10

Samosas with tamarind and date ketchup and banana raita (v, co?)
Sweet potato and lentil cakes with szechuan dipping sauce (v, c)
Sopa azteca with corn chips (v, c)

Main Course (£8.95)
Texan beef chilli with arroz verde and something else (c)
Vegetarian chilli with the same (v, c)
Fresh corn polenta with imam bayeldi and onion, cucumber and pomegranate salad (vo, c)
Buddha's delight (v, co)
Autumn vegetable cassoulet (v)

Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce and ice cream (v, co)
Sticky toffee cake with toffee sauce and ice cream (v, co)
Cannoli with elderberry ricotta and blackberries (vo)
Figs roasted in wine, agave, cinnamon and thyme with sweetened ricotta (vo, c)

Any two courses for £11.50, three courses £13.50

Please specify if vegan or coeliac options are required.

c-suitable for coeliacs, v-suitable for vegans
co-coeliac option, vo-vegan option .

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