Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review of current menu

wherever appropriate i think i'll make this a regular spot. i'll put the menu up and comment on each of the dishes.

Samosas with tamarind and date ketchup and banana raita (v, co?)

not a coeliac option and cannot be because it would involve more deep frying. started out using thin pasta dough, the same as samosa dough but it was a little underseasoned. we've now progressed (regressed) to spring roll pastry. this is tastier but also a little greasier. i'm upping the size as well. they were nice but i would have wanted more

Sweet potato and lentil cakes with szechuan dipping sauce (v, c)

want these to be vegan so no egg. this means that their a little drier/crumblier than they could be but they do taste really nice. the szechuan sauce is lovely. no change.

Sopa azteca with corn chips (v, c)

this is a really lovely soup. maybe you want it spicier but i don't. has complex flavour.

Main Course
Texan beef chilli with arroz verde (c)

my attempt at arroz verde on thursday was a total failure. i added the spinach and corainder at the start of cooking and by the end all the colour had gone. more arroz dirty greeny brown. tony's subsequent efforts were much more successful. we'll pack a little more flavour in this week with some garlic as well. i'm sure the chilli was good but be warned, it is texan so it is beef.

Vegetarian chilli with arroz verde (v, c)

to my taste, and comments above noted, delicious. may add some tvp for a meatir texture.

Fresh corn polenta with imam bayeldi and onion, cucumber and pomegranate salad (vo, c)

polenta could have been creamier, imam bayeldi possibly spicier but i ate two bowls and want more this week.

Buddha's delight (v, co)

i can't fault this dish, others can. i'm not changing it though.

Autumn vegetable cassoulet (v)

vegetables too soft/roasted too long on thursday. started to break down and the sauce was too thick. better at the end of the weekend.


i've nothing bad to say. possibly could put some thyme on the plums but it is in the sauce and is maybe a little lost.

Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce and ice cream (v, co)
Sticky toffee cake with toffee sauce and ice cream (v, co)
Cannoli with elderberry ricotta and blackberries (vo)
Figs roasted in wine, agave, cinnamon and thyme with sweetened ricotta (vo, c)

next menu is beginning to take shape.



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