Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who was sod?

whoever sod was, i'd like to give him (i'm assuming) a piece of my mind. why does his law seem to strike at the worst time.

thursday: as you'll know, at least those of you who pay attention, we had some inspectors in on a training exercise. we could have played it safe, gone for the previous, delicious menu, but we thought we'd take a few risks, introduce some new dishes. now as many of you may know, it is often the case that the first time a dish is tried in its entirety is when it served to the first paying customer. this was to be the case on thursday and those customers were to be the inspectors. but that is not when sod appeared, rather he appeared when constructing the banana raita. we had no yofu. there had been a slight misunderstanding in the day about who was to get it but chris (the lovely man at the hungry planet) and his wife ruth (alos lovely) are always very helpful when it comes to our last minute lack of planning. thursday, no yofu and time was getting on. so for the first time in twenty months we made a non-vegan raita. in the hustle ande bustle leading up to a busy service i didn't tell the girls that the raita was non-vegan and during service a vegan samosas was ordered.

this is when a friendly hand came and settled the score with sod, who was determined to ruin our night. the vegan lady asked leanne if the raita was vegan. leanne knows we make all our sauces thus but came to ask, so before any real problems were encountered i whisked the offending starter away and replaced it with the vegan version.

a happy ending you might say but sod had the last laugh. this was of course witnessed by 17 inspectors.

c'est la vie

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