Tuesday, June 30, 2009

elderflower hunter

so we've got elderflower and gooseberry fool on the menu at the moment and i remembered this morning that i hadn't made the elderflower cordial. i was in the car and thought about all the lovely lanes around here; there must be elderflower in abundance. thirty minutes later i'd stopped the car about five times and had the same number of elderflower bunches. getting desperate i decided to drive to my special tree, the one i use for berries. twenty minutes later, another couple of bunches. things were getting desperate, so desperate that i contemplated invading the hedges of houses. having stopped myself from doing so i lucked upon a veritable elderflower orchard in llanharry cemetery, ten minutes later i had increased my haul fifteen-fold and had still left thousands of flowers for the bees.

at the restaurant, elderflower suitably prepped, we needed a recipe. all recipes call for citric acid, the need for which is to do something i guess. where to find that? the chemist? yes but they have none, not since it was discovered that it can be used for more nefarious purposes. that is one of the problems of clifton street i guess. to get some now do i have to go to a drug dealer?

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