Sunday, June 7, 2009

that coeliac profiterole recipe re-visited

well, i can never settle. the recipe i posted before, i'll not look at again. this is better

100ml mix water and milk
2 tsp caster sugar
pinch of salt
40 g gram flour
20g rice flour
10 g tapioca flour
40g butter
2 medium eggs

melt butter in water/milk mix and bring to a rolling boil. in one go add the seived flours, sugar and salt and beat together with a wooden spoon until your arm explodes. let mixture cool. beat in the eggs bit by bit. i used a nice moulinex mixer with the dough attachments which worked wonderfully. if only anyone read this thing i might get another for free. take spoonfuls (why only one l? just spent 2 minutes checking the spelling) of the mix and place at intervals on a baking sheet and place in a pre-heated 185c oven. bake until nicely risen and golden.

yum yum

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