Monday, June 1, 2009

good times at UBC high

many many years ago i was a student at the University of british columbia. the two tears that i spent at UBC was when i discovered what good food could be. well, what a samll world because on staurday i found out that one of regular customers was there around the same time. in fact we overlapped for one year. Now this lady was also kind enough to lend me a couple of the moosewood cafe cookbooks as well and i've ordered some online so may well be thefting recipes soon.

during the conversation it also transpired that we had both played intra-mural sports at bc lions dome. i played co-ed field hockey and football. our football side was billy the fish and, but for me not getting sent off in a bad-tempered semi-final, we could have done okay. i've also just finished reading the auto-biography of chris donald, who started viz and enjoyed that so much that i thought i'd stick up an old photo of the whole team.

they are, from the left, back row first

forgot, benoit delage, yours truly, rene van diepen, pat kenny.

front row

henry thille, chris worswick, pat francois (economist and aussie rules player extraordinaire) nils von hinton reed (no kidding) and sorry, forgot.

they were some of the nicest people i ever met, and i mean some.

anyway on to some recipes. i was talking to a couple on friday and i promised some recipes, so here they are.

coeliac profiteroles

2 eggs
100ml water
100ml milk
70g butter
dash of salt
2 teaspoons sugar
130g gluten free flour. we use a mix of rice, gram and soy flour (don't use a ready made mix as it already has gums in it and reacts badly in the first stage)

heat butter, water, salt, sugar and milk in a suacepan and when boiling add the sieved flour in one go, beating with a wooden spoon until the mixture forms a dough and comes away from the side of the pan.

put on a plate and allow to cool. beat the eggs then, once the dough is cool, beat them into the flour mix. pipe or spoon dollops of the mix onto a baking sheet and bake at 190c until risen and brown.

if you want the recipe for the gluten-in profiteroles, we sue ramsey's F-word recipe.



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