Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the recipe for cornbread

i've been asked for this recipe by two customers, so here it is.

you can veganise the recipe quite easily by using vegan cheese (hungry planet does several varieties) and using a mix of soya milk, silken tofu and tapioca starch as the egg substitute.

fry onion medium onion and two red peppers in olive oil until soft. do this over a medium heat because you don't want them to burn. grate two courgettes into a bowl and add the peppers and onions. grate 200g of mature cheddar and add this to the bowl as well as a 400g tin of sweetcorn, or the equivalent frozen or, when available, fresh. drain the sweetcorn first. Now add about 5oz of cornmeal grits or coarse polenta. we add the grits because i feel that the texture is a little better after. we get ours from shop rite on city road. add one heaped teaspoon of baking powder.

in a jug blend 125ml of double cream, one egg, 25ml of lime juice. put all the ingredients together in the bowl and mix. this mix should not be too wet but should drop from a spoon easily. set the oven to 160C and place your mix into a lined baking tray or into a silicone cake pan and bake until the mix is firm to the touch and nicely coloured.

this is the most delicious recipe, so enjoy



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