Sunday, November 14, 2010

ode to bill and eva (and leanne)

i would like to thank bill and eva for their incredible generosity last night and also to eva's parents. when lying awake this morning, i decided to do it in rhyme. here goes

the night didn't start well
when we found out that mel
was ill and couldn't come in
but thank you leanne
for upsetting your man
and working, though your food in the bin.

the service was fast
the clientele vast
all the tables were booked for the night
when in through the door
keith and chris, they did pour
though no table was there in sight

but the place where they sat
belonged to sara and nat
who had yet to come in through the door
and leanne she did swoon
as she looked round the room
for it looked likely that they'd eat on the floor

for a booking was taken
or should i say took
but had not been written down in the book
and the desserts, they were still
in the kitchen, not till
and for a table we had long time to look

then i spied near the till
there sat eva and bill
and her parents, who were in for the night
so with a rather bad head
i approached them and said
would you mind getting out of my sight

now the four took this well
and began to me tell
to take off that ridiculous frown
and the desserts, they appeared
and the table was cleared
and sara and nat, they sat down

twas a hard night, last night
and we finished midnight
when jill and the rest did depart
but to bill and leanne
to eva and her clan
may i say, thank you with all of my heart.

cheers guys, it's people like you who make this thing worth doing.

love and light


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