Monday, July 27, 2009

some things

thanks are due to olivia c who reminded us of the responsibilities that we have as restaurateurs, that is to provide what the customer wants. in the case of a risotto, unless we are advised otherwise, this menas something that is rich and appealing as a good risotto should be. as you may be aware we ofetn sacrifice somethings in order to make the food as general as possible, however usually we make this decision on the preparation of a whole dish, not simply whether we add butter and cheese at the end of a risotto. henceforth we shall be finishing risotti (i wonder if that is correct) with aforementioned butter and cheese.

the holidays continue to be a bane for us. this weekend saw two very easy nights when we expected to be hammered because it's a new menu. for those of you who didn't come in the star was the koftas and i'll be putting up the full recipe soon. a version will be on as a starter next week, to up our salad sales, and it'll be all new specials for next week. off to catch the champs elysee in the tour now.



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