Friday, July 10, 2009

hairy gooseberries and the vegsoc awards

two things to say.

the first is that it is quite incredible how hairy gooseberries are. not only that but the fibres run through the goosgog and the little blighters look exactly like hair. quite unsettling in the middle of service.

we've also been shortlisted for the vegsoc awards with a possible night out to london on offer at the end of october. a big thank you to everyone who followed the link and voted for us.

a big thank you also to the makers of burneze after i scalded (then scolded) myself whilst making the chocolate sauce yesterday evening.

random recipe: imam bayeldi

this forms part of the gateau, was a starter on the last menu, will form part of the next menu and has been a main in its own right. a staple of the canteen and the best thing imaginable to dip with anything.

you will need

tin of tomatoes
some parsley and coriander
half a teaspoon of cumin, coriander, ground all spice, ginger, smoked paprika (could be more if you want)
1 onion
handfull raisins/sultanas
olive oil, quite a lot

sweat the onion in a decent amount of oil, more than you would normally use, until soft then add the spices and cook out over a low/med heat for a couple of minutes. add the tomaotoes and the raisins and cook out for ten minutes.

dice the aubergine, oil and roast in a 200c oven until tender and browned. add to the tomato mix.
chop the herbs and add.
add a little more oil if it isn't glistening.

put in the fridge and allow the flavours to develop for a couple of days.

it's brilliant in front of the telly with some crusty french bread.



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