Friday, October 4, 2013

oops i did it again

well it looks as though we have one or two problems with the new menu, mostly regarding my attempts to use my elderberry jam and free apples. the apples are fine and i'll be picking some more now but, as usual, my crumble mix (vegan and gluten free) will take some more work. the lack of gluten means that is goes a little powdery so I need to add some more fat I think. as for the elderberries, I though it would be nice to add them to our vegan custard; it certainly tasted nice but purple custard appears to be quite off putting. solution, leave custard as nature intended, yellow, and thin the jam down to make a syrup that can be liberally squirted over the crumble and custard. job done (badly). hopefully everything else will go ok.

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