Saturday, January 19, 2013

much more majestic and a bad backscattering

many thanks to majestic who responded very quickly to the problem that i brought up in the last blog; it looks like we have vegan wine again. on a more serious note we noticed some serious backscattering last week. this is simultaneously not as bad, and worse, than it sounds. a problem became apparent when i accessed, as did leanne, our bookings page. what we found were 100s of rebounded emails that had been sent from our account. of course they had not but the account had been hacked and the undelivered mails were bounced back to us; backscattering. the account has had to be suspended, at least for outgoing mail and the webmaster is on the case. you should be able to book but we'll reply from a different account. many apologies to anyone who was affected. cheers wayne ps ian, you couldn't spare us 5 minutes to press buttons on our phone again. now the answer machine isn't working. usual rates apply

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