Monday, December 3, 2012

To hal and byron and .......

this is a moan so stop reading now. for the past two weeks evenings have been spoiled by no-shows. i don't try to turn tables because i don't like to be rushed myself when i eat out but we may have to start because we have lost 20% of our turnover on two nights when we have also had to turn tables away. on top of three of the worst months since we have been open and we simply cannot afford to be wasting money in this way. i realise that the people who read this blog, all 6 of you, are also the people who ring to cancel a table but this has to be said somewhere. it's not good enough to ring a table of 5 who have not bothered to turn up or to let us know that they wouldn't, to be told 'oh i really should have rung'. so thank you byron and hal and all of the others who can't be bothered to ring, you make running a restaurant so much more of a bind.

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