Friday, June 15, 2012

teething problems and nutty issues

first night of the new menu and the usual problems; i hadn't made at least two parts of the menu, the koftas are a little bland and it's a nutty menu. the first problem is easily resolved, apologise and hope for the best. the koftas are a perennial problem, it's very difficult to get the seasoning right on the first night but i didn't mind the slightly bland flavour because the rest of the dish had loads of flavour; i'll bump up the seasoning tonight. the more involved issue is nuts, or rather the amount of them on the menu. we had three new diners in last night, one of whom had a serious nut allergy. the problem with mexican food is that lots of the moles are thickened with nuts so that nuts are used in the kitchen very frequently. we are as vigilant as possible when it comes to nuts, different boards/knives, but could i guarantee that everything has no traces of nuts? no and so a new diner left whose allergy was severe whereas another diner with a less severe allergy ate and everything was cool. nuts

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