Sunday, April 15, 2012

still in the us of a

it's sunday morning and we're watching family guy on demand. i found myself thinking about the next menu at about 5 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. currently i'm probably living in a mid-atlantic time zone; about 2 hours before the US and 3 hours after the UK. done the disney stuff and everyone is now pretty bored with the parks; we only have 5 more to do. will be eating at a vegan restaurant this week, so hope that that will be good. the food thus far has been pizza, and more pizza and pretty much more pizza. i've cooked some mexican and some thai curry and had some nice salad. the best thing is the quality and variety of ingredients, very fresh and varied. the vegan sausages take some beating and the avocados are incredible.

now the dish that kept me up today is beetroot and umeboshi sushi balls with fried, marinated tofu and cashew and wasabe cream. it sounded lovely in my head so let's hope for the best.

will write about the restaurant soon.


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