Monday, February 20, 2012

in case i forget it completely

i've been meaning to post the recipe for the thai tofu cakes that we had on the menu a few months ago and this is it.

to make this coeliac, you'll need to get some coelaic bread. we buy ours from the great bakers at the hungry planet because it is both coelaic and vegan; many varieties that you can buy in supermarkets have egg in them.

some tofu, crumbled. the cheapest stuff you can buy in chinese supermarkets but beware, it can be too gloopy. we ordered a catering pack from hungry planet, made by clearspot i think. this has a better texture and leaves some nice lumps.

coriander and chilli finely chopped and to your taste.

some breadcrumbs, the exact amount will depend upon the water content in the tofu.

some thai basil (you can buy in jars from man fung chinese supermarket on penarth road)

some green curry paste, homemade is best.

a couple of tablespoons of tahini.

a good slosh of tamari.

some rice flour.

i think that that is it. you need to crumble the tofu and then add the aromatics to taste. once you are happy with the taste, then you need to add the breadcrumbs and the rice flour to give you a mixture that you can handle and mould. i would not go too dry, the mixture should still have some moisture. mould in to patties and put in the fridge for a couple of hours. shallow fry and serve with salad and sweet chilli sauce.



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