Thursday, August 11, 2011


one of the best rewards that i have had since opening the restaurant is the number of incredible people that i have met through the shared interest in food, both cooking and eating. over three years ago when we were open in the day, we had finished the day service when we heard a bang at the door. we usually answered these bangs quite suspiciously and looked through the window, a rather scruffy looking guy (please, who am i to talk) on a mountain bike. we opened the door and this was the first time that we met andy. he hadn't been in to eat, threatened to do so soon and embarked on a wide-ranging conversation about the lack of good food in cardiff; he was coeliac. pretty soon he was coming in regularly, along with anne and sometimes gaz and sometimes a raggle taggle of others. always we'd end up in conversation, usually lamenting some problem with the political or social process. like me, andy's politics were left of left and whether discussing the politics of rosa luxemburg or the merits of tony blair, i always felt slightly better for his coming in. it is with unbelievable sadness that we are devoting this menu to his memory. anne rang us today to let us know that he had died last week, the exact details of which i do not know because if i heard, i did not comprehend. the world is a less interesting place today.

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