Monday, May 23, 2011

i may have made a mistake

in the last newsletter, just published, i made mention of a smiths gig that i attended wjich featured james as the support act. i said 1985, whereas it was march 1985. i remember this gig vividly because

1. i wriggled to the front of the audience and sratched morrissey's hand in trying to shake it.

2. it was (one of) the gigs during which morrissey was assaulted by sausages. i was beginning to think that i had made this up, because other people told me that this had happened elsewhere. i remember the stage clearing, save for johnny marr, and there being rumours that he would not come back on, having been hit in the mouth by a sausage and maybe having bitten it. thankfully he did return and it is now catalogued on the web that this happened on the 16th march 1985.

'twas a great gig and i must thank nick hallam, with whom i lived in my first year, for buying the tickets.

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